First day orienting in the Emergency Department.

YES!  I finally passed my NCLEX-RN! and YES!  I finally got a position in a hospital.. but even more exciting, it is in an EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT!  But I have a dilemma:  Continue reading “myFIRST: ED LVN day.”


Just as most people, I found out about the beautiful Labyrinth at Land’s End through social media posts.. through photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed.. you name it, I’ve probably seen it there. Continue reading “myADVENTURES: Lands End Labyrinth”

They say that third time’s the charm, right?  Well, for me it was.  I am proud to say that, as of May 4, 2017, I AM OFFICIALLY AN RN.  I’ll start with a spark notes summary of each test experience, and then break it all down to the cost of NCLEX, the PearsonVue Trick (PVT) and my detailed blurb of my experiences. Continue reading “myNCLEX-RN.”

The name “Sandy Explores” sparked during a conversation I had with my boyfriend before I went on my first BIG solo trip to another continent.  I wanted a #hashtag, a “unique and fitting username”.. something to post my travels and adventures under.  In the end, I believe it branched off of “Dora the Explorer”.  It is short and simple, and most importantly, it was not taken yet.

Continue reading “myINTRO.”

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