The name “Sandy Explores” sparked during a conversation I had with my boyfriend before I went on my first BIG solo trip to another continent.  I wanted a #hashtag, a “unique and fitting username”.. something to post my travels and adventures under.  In the end, I believe it branched off of “Dora the Explorer”.  It is short and simple, and most importantly, it was not taken yet.

Hi.  My name is Sandy and I am in my thirties.  I am a Nurse.  I am an adventurer.  I am a foodie.  I am trying to experience as much as my life allows me to, within everyday limits.  I am awkward, lengthy with my words and usually pretty quiet in person.

My adventures.  I believe that life is too short to keep saying “maybe next time,” so I try to go out and do as much as I can.  I have yet to say that I regret any of my adventures and experiences (A&Es), even when my budget was limiting.

Real life?  You can find me around the Bay Area in Northern California.  I take trips down to Southern California a few times a year, and sometimes make my way over to Nevada to enjoy a buffet and a show, when my schedule and budget permits.  And every few years I’m lucky enough to take longer flights to other continents/countries!

You can also follow me and my adventures on multiple social media platforms:

I plan to post at least once a week.  I just need to start organizing what topics will be posted about and when.  I guarantee that there will be weeks where I will fall off-track.. but bear with me as “life happens.”

My next venture is to document these moments for future reference, and to hopefully motivate and encourage others to “take the plunge” into those moments that they are unsure of.

Please feel free to leave any questions and comments in the reply box below.
I will get to them when I can.

‘Til next post,


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