myFIRST: ED LVN day.

First day orienting in the Emergency Department.

YES!  I finally passed my NCLEX-RN! and YES!  I finally got a position in a hospital.. but even more exciting, it is in an EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT!  But I have a dilemma:  I am employed as an LVN.

See, I got the position about 1.5 months before I passed my boards.  I was in a position where I needed a job and I wasn’t too confident that I would pass boards, so I followed through with the interviews, physical, background check.. etc.  But of course, with my luck, I took boards and passed them the WEEK BEFORE my orientation for the ED LVN position.

So why not quit before I get knees deep, and look for an RN job?  My reputation at this hospital.  I began in one of the clinics, and would love to follow through in the system as an RN, but cannot seem to get an RN position at the moment.  I’d hate to leave right now and jeopardize my future spot in the ED.

Anyways.. today I trained in the “Fast Track” section, similar to Urgent Care.  Now, to some this may seem like nothing, but to me, I took it as a challenge to see how quickly and accurately I can think on the spot.. to help me warm up my assessment skills. It was amazing to me because I got to practice running through what I anticipated the doctor would prescribe or order next..

Our mixed bag of patients today included:  Cough, Eye Problems, Foot Pain, Psych Voluntary Admit, Dysuria, Medication Refills.  Nothing too crazy.. yet.

Today also consisted of getting another mini-tour of the hospital, setting up my usernames and passwords and getting to see a few friends in their career habitats.

‘Til next post,



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