travel post:
Sleepless in Seattle.

Our flight landed in Seattle and we headed off to find the Smarte Carte Luggage Storage (where Kens Baggage was formally located). I had made notes that it was on the baggage claim floor and located somewhere in the center of all the carousels.

After speed walking through the right side of baggage claim, we did not find it, so my mind raced towards figuring out how to rent a car so we could store our duffel bags in the trunk of a rental.. then we traced backwards along the opposite wall and found Smarte Carte between carousels 9 and 10, alongside the wall that leads outside.

Definitely a good deal for all day storage, you can find my yelp review here: Smart Carte SEA-TAC. Continue reading “2018.01.04 – Seattle, WA”


Just as most people, I found out about the beautiful Labyrinth at Land’s End through social media posts.. through photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed.. you name it, I’ve probably seen it there. Continue reading “myADVENTURES: Lands End Labyrinth”

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